Finding Weak Links in Your Business . . . and fixing

Loss Prevention, Safety, and Brand Protection Services  

Practice areas

LP Coaching & Mentoring

"Everyone needs a Coach . . We all need people to give us feedback."                                                                       Bill Gates                                                                                                    TedTalk 4/13

Today's threats and vulnerabilities happen more quickly and severely than ever before often with fewer internal resources or expertise. Let us help! We can be your  secret weapon

​​Gain insights   

​Mentoring provided by experience LP professional

Brainstorming and "bouncing ideas around" confidentially

Gain perspective from  industry leader

Learn new action steps to move initiatives forward

Feeling stalled with a project? Let a Coach help you

Subject matter expertise

Get help with Projects, Fact finding, Specialized assignments​

​Validate your proposal (before pitching to the boss!)

Tackling an assignment outside your wheelhouse?

Crisis situations and Emergency events warrant assistance.

Need to get objective insights? Independent point of view?

Value proposition    

​Faster action

Enhanced clarity

Improved decision making

Support to lean in and make bold moves

Practical Solutions . . . Customized approaches What you need, when you need it

Risk Assessments 
​Crime data analysis & profiles
​Risk and Security vulnerabilities
​Physical Security reviews
​Business Impact Analysis

​Safety Audits (EHS)
​Emergency Preparedness


Training & Awareness
Knowledge Transfer
Workshops & Meetings
Gamification Options

Collateral Materials​​

Incident Awareness
Emergency Procedures​
​Readiness Assessments
​Table-top Drills
Business Continuity
Event Security


Controls & Process  
​Policy Development
​Compliance Programs
​Access Controls
​POS System Review
​Hotline Programs
​Emergency Preparedness

Expert Witness Services

Let us support your Legal Team's investigative strategy, defense support, and provide expert testimony 

Security Management

Premises liability

Duty of care 

Crime & Loss Prevention

Premises liability

Retail practices 

Security guard operations 


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